Arsenal Match Preview Part 2

Last updated : 24 April 2002 By Mike Reich
Defoe: Could be the difference
With both first choice strikers out on Saturday, Glenn decided to 'risk' Trevor Sinclair up front, but it was proven to be no risk at all, with Trevor bagging one goal, and setting up two more.

But with Fredi Kanouté available again, it is no straight swap for Jermain or Trevor. With three centre backs on the pitch against Sunderland, albeit with Ian Pearce slightly out of position, Glenn may decide to withdraw one of them.

The most likely scenario though, is for the Hammers boss to play what he feels is his strongest side, and that almost certainly features Fredi Kanouté - who would want to put in an extra special performance against his fellow countrymen and rivals for France squad places.

If Glenn sticks with a 4-4-2 as expected, David James will be in goal behind Schemmel, Dailly, Repka and Winterburn. Although Vladimir Labant could play instead of Nige at left-back, Glenn is expected to start with the ex-Gunner.

Midfield then will probably feature Lomas, Sinclair, Cole and Carrick, with Defoe and Kanouté in front of them in attack.

The subs bench will feature Shaka Hislop, Vladimir Labant and Ian Pearce, with John Moncur and Richard Garcia among the other players likely to be included.

Both teams are on a remarkably good run at the moment. Arsenal have won all of their last 7 games, and have won their last 7 at home too. In fact, they have not lost in the past 24 games - some record.

West Ham will do exceptionally well to come away with one point, let alone three, but they are on a bit of a run themselves too. They have won 5 out of their last 7 games, and only lost one in that time too.

The two teams are in fact not that unevenly matched at present across the field. David James in goal for us, Seaman for the Gunners. Ashley Cole likes to run up the wing from the defence - as does Sebastien Schemmel. Both teams have ageing players in defence - Winterburn for us, Adams and Keown for Arsenal.

Both have relentless ball winning midfielders - although Arsenal's Viera would beat Lomas more often than not one would imagine. In Bergkamp Arsenal have much creativity whereas West Ham have Joe Cole. In place of Henry we have an suitable replacement in Kanouté.

But the Hammers also have Jermain Defoe. If he can play as well as we know he can, and put away his chances - and he only needs one - West Ham could produce a huge upset tonight.

At Arsenal (47)At West Ham (48)Overall (95 matches)
 ResultsTotal% ResultsTotal% ResultsTotal%
 Arsenal2348.94 West Ham1327.08 Arsenal4143.16
 West Ham1123.4 Arsenal1837.5 West Ham2425.26
 Draws1327.66 Draws1735.42 Draws3031.58
 Arsenal801.7 West Ham631.31 Arsenal1511.59
 West Ham521.11 Arsenal711.48 West Ham1151.21
 Highest Aggregate7Arsenal 6 - 1 West Ham1975/1976 
 Highest Arsenal score:6Arsenal 6 - 1 West Ham1975/1976 
 Highest West Ham score:7West Ham 7 - 0 Arsenal1926/1927 
 2001/2002Sat 15 DecWest Ham1 - 1ArsenalPremiership 
 2000/2001Sat 03 MarArsenal3 - 0West HamPremiership 
 Sat 21 OctWest Ham1 - 2ArsenalPremiership 
 1999/2000Tue 02 MayArsenal2 - 1West HamPremiership 
 Sun 03 OctWest Ham2 - 1ArsenalPremiership 
 1998/1999Sat 06 FebWest Ham0 - 4ArsenalPremiership 
 Sat 26 DecArsenal1 - 0West HamPremiership 
 1997/1998Tue 17 MarWest Ham1 - 1ArsenalF.A. Cup 
 Sun 08 MarArsenal1 - 1West HamF.A. Cup 
 Mon 02 MarWest Ham0 - 0ArsenalPremiership 
 Wed 24 SepArsenal4 - 0West HamPremiership 
 1996/1997Wed 29 JanWest Ham1 - 2ArsenalPremiership 
 Sat 17 AugArsenal2 - 0West HamPremiership 
 1995/1996Sat 24 FebWest Ham0 - 1ArsenalPremiership 
 Sat 16 SepArsenal1 - 0West HamPremiership 
 1994/1995Sun 05 MarArsenal0 - 1West HamPremiership 
 Sun 25 SepWest Ham0 - 2ArsenalPremiership 
 1993/1994Sat 30 AprArsenal0 - 2West HamPremiership 
 Wed 24 NovWest Ham0 - 0ArsenalPremiership 
 1991/1992Sat 14 MarWest Ham0 - 2ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 02 NovArsenal0 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 1988/1989Sat 04 FebArsenal2 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 01 OctWest Ham1 - 4ArsenalFirst Division 
 1987/1988Tue 12 AprWest Ham0 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 26 SepArsenal1 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 1986/1987Wed 08 AprWest Ham3 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 08 NovArsenal0 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 1985/1986Sat 15 MarArsenal1 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 12 OctWest Ham0 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 1984/1985Sat 02 MarArsenal2 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 27 OctWest Ham3 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 1983/1984Mon 07 MayArsenal3 - 3West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 10 DecWest Ham3 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 1982/1983Tue 10 MayWest Ham1 - 3ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 02 OctArsenal2 - 3West HamFirst Division 
 1981/1982Sat 01 MayArsenal2 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 05 DecWest Ham1 - 2ArsenalFirst Division 
 1977/1978Sat 25 FebWest Ham2 - 2ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 01 OctArsenal3 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 1976/1977Sat 19 FebArsenal2 - 3West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 11 SepWest Ham0 - 2ArsenalFirst Division 
 1975/1976Sat 20 MarArsenal6 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 29 NovWest Ham1 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 1974/1975Mon 28 AprWest Ham1 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 26 OctArsenal3 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 1973/1974Sat 06 AprArsenal0 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 24 NovWest Ham1 - 3ArsenalFirst Division 
 1972/1973Sat 28 AprWest Ham1 - 2ArsenalFirst Division 
 Tue 29 AugArsenal1 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 1971/1972Sat 22 AprArsenal2 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 04 DecWest Ham0 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 1970/1971Sat 09 JanArsenal2 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 Mon 17 AugWest Ham0 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 1969/1970Sat 04 AprArsenal2 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 Mon 25 AugWest Ham1 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 1968/1969Mon 21 AprWest Ham1 - 2ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 26 OctArsenal0 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 1967/1968Fri 29 MarWest Ham1 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 25 NovArsenal0 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 1966/1967Mon 29 AugWest Ham2 - 2ArsenalFirst Division 
 Tue 23 AugArsenal2 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 1965/1966Sat 16 AprWest Ham2 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 20 NovArsenal3 - 2West HamFirst Division 
 1964/1965Sat 27 MarWest Ham2 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 14 NovArsenal0 - 3West HamFirst Division 
 1963/1964Sat 21 MarWest Ham1 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 09 NovArsenal3 - 3West HamFirst Division 
 1962/1963Sat 02 MarWest Ham0 - 4ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 13 OctArsenal1 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 1961/1962Sat 21 AprWest Ham3 - 3ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 02 DecArsenal2 - 2West HamFirst Division 
 1960/1961Sat 25 MarArsenal0 - 0West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 05 NovWest Ham6 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 1959/1960Sat 02 AprWest Ham0 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 14 NovArsenal1 - 3West HamFirst Division 
 1958/1959Sat 28 MarArsenal1 - 2West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 08 NovWest Ham0 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 1931/1932Sat 26 MarWest Ham1 - 1ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 14 NovArsenal4 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 1930/1931Sat 28 FebWest Ham2 - 4ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 25 OctArsenal1 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 1929/1930Sat 08 MarWest Ham3 - 2ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 02 NovArsenal0 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 1928/1929Sat 23 FebWest Ham3 - 4ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 13 OctArsenal2 - 3West HamFirst Division 
 1927/1928Sat 11 FebWest Ham2 - 2ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 01 OctArsenal2 - 2West HamFirst Division 
 1926/1927Mon 07 MarWest Ham7 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 Sat 16 OctArsenal2 - 2West HamFirst Division 
 1925/1926Mon 05 OctWest Ham0 - 4ArsenalFirst Division 
 Mon 21 SepArsenal3 - 2West HamFirst Division 
 1924/1925Mon 23 MarArsenal1 - 2West HamFirst Division 
 Sat 27 SepWest Ham1 - 0ArsenalFirst Division 
 1923/1924Mon 10 SepArsenal4 - 1West HamFirst Division 
 Mon 27 AugWest Ham1 - 0ArsenalFirst Division