West Ham Utd Terraces Songs & Chant

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I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

I'm forever blowing bubbles,

Pretty bubbles in the air,

They fly so high,

Nearly reach the sky,

And like my dreams,

They fade and die,

Fortunes always hiding,

I looked everywhere,

I'm forever blowing bubbles,

Pretty bubbles in the air.

This was once said to be the greatest ever terraces song. To a West Ham fan it is the best song ever. It gets the crowd going and is played and sung at every home match. The Hammers faithful can always be heard singing this song loudly at away games.

West Ham ‘Till I Die.

I'm west ham till I die,

Say I'm west ham till I die,

I know I am,

I'm sure I am,

I'm West Ham till I die


This firm favorite with the crowd and really shows a fan's emotional tie to their club.

Come on you Irons.

Come on you Irons.


This chant is seen as rallying call to the West Ham players and is chanted loudly at set pieces.

Claret and Blue Army

Alan Pardew's Claret and Blue Army,



This is another firm favorite amongst the West Ham faithful and is an excellent way to state the fact that we hate Spurs.

We Want Brown Out!

We Want Brown Out!

Say we want Brown out!


This chant is sung by some of West Ham's fan's who feel that our Chairman Terrence Brown has caused the demise of this amazing club.

Chants & Songs submitted by QAZ.

Oh east London!
(Sung to the tune of ‘When the Saints go Marching in')
Oh east London,
Is wonderful,
Oh east London is wonderful,
It's full of t*ts, f*nny and West Ham,
Oh east London is wonderful…
Chim chiminee

Chim chiminee,
Chim chiminee,
Chim chim cheroot,
We are those b*stards in claret and blue!
Everywhere we go
Everywhere we go,
People wanna know,
Who the hell we are,
We are the West Ham,
Oh-oh oh-oh,
West Ham United,
And you are invited,
To Upton Park,
To have a row,
(generally followed by),
We hate Millwall,
And we hate Millwall,
We are the Millwall haters.
One nil to the Cockney Boys
One nil to the Cockney Boys,
One nil to the Cockney Boys!
The Blue Flag 
Up your arse and up your arse,
Stick the blue flag up your arse,

From Stamford Bridge to Upton Park,
We'll stick the blue flag up your arse,

Six foot two

Six foot two,
Eyes are blue,
Billy Bonds is after you!

I Remember Wembley 
I remember Wembley,
When West Ham beat West Germany,
Martin one and Geoffrey three,
And Bobby got his OBE,
I remember Wembley,
When West Ham beat West Germany!
Claret and Blue 

Claret and Blue,
You're having a laugh!
This song is sung to Burnley FC fans at Turf Moor (now we're back in the same division as them!)
And finally - on a positive note for this season - sung in the BML...
Ee eye ee eye ee eye oh,
Up the football we will go,
When we get promoted,
This is what we'll sing,
We are West Ham, we are West Ham,
Pardew is our king!

Chants & Songs submitted by Dan M

Here are a selection of songs & chants for individual players.

Bobby Zamora

Zamora woah,

Zamora woah,

He came from White Hart Lane

He's better than Jermain!

This one is sung by The Hammers faithful when, West Ham through and through, Bobby Zamora scores or sets up a goal.

Nigel Reo-coker - Hokey Cokey

You put your left arm in,

Your left arm out,

In out, in out,

You shake it all about,

You do the Reo-Coker and you turn around,

That's what its all about,

Oooohh Reo-Coker,

Oooohh Reo-Coker,

Oooohh Reo-Coker,

Knees bend, arms stretch, ra ra ra.

(Repeat until fade)

A good, fun song that should be sung more often. Nigel is a top, young, english talent and now belongs at West ham.

Matty Etherington

Oh Matty Matty, Matty Matty Etherington.

A good song to show our appreciation for probably our best midfielder.

Chants & Songs submitted by QAZ.

Ludek Miklosko
My name is Ludek Miklosko,
I come from near Moscow,
I play for a team called West Ham,
And the people I meet,
When I walk down the street,
Say "Hey big fella - what's your name?",
My name is...

In tribute to our great bouncing Czech – This song is still sung occasionally when he is seen near the pitch


Sergei Rebrov
(Sung to the tune of  ‘My old man's a dustman')
Oh Mr Sergei Rebrov,
We got him on a free,
Before he played for Tottenham,
He was better than Henry,
His last club was a shambles,
They treated him like sh*te,
But now he plays for West Ham,
He's f*cking dynamite!
John Moncur
He's here he's there,
He's every-f*cking-where,
John Moncur,
John Moncur!

Nigel Reo Coker
(Sung to the tune of ‘Do the conga')
Doo doo doo,
Nigel Reo Coker!
Frank Lampard
I'm dreaming of a Frank Lampard,
Just like the one at Elland Road,
When the ball came over,
And Frank fell over,
And scored the f*cking winning goal,
Winning goal!
This song is sung in honour of Frank Lampard Senior scoring in the 1980 FA Cup semi-final.

Chants & Songs submitted by Dan M.