Carrick & Hutchison Out, Kanoute Back

Last updated : 26 January 2002 By Mike Reich
Hutchison - Injured at Moss Rose
Freddie Kanoute should return to the Hammers side after recovering from a bout of flu that ruled him out of the FA Cup match against Macclesfield.

Don Hutchison is ruled out, following his injury on Saturday. He had seven stiches, and according to Hammers physio John Green, speaking to the Hammers official site, it is taking time to heal.

"With Don, his thigh is very, very stiff. It is mainly as a result of the haemotoma that comes underneath the seven stitches that he received at Macclesfield," John said.

"The area underneath the injury bleeds and the difficulty he has now is getting that area where the scar is to stretch when he is bending the knee and hopefully that will settle down before the weekend to allow him to play.

"Obviously he hasn't torn any tissues as in ligaments, tendons, or muscles, but the actual soft tissue underlying the knee has been torn quite badly and we will just have to hope that settles down for the weekend.

"It just goes to show that if we lose more than one key player in any one position the players are really stretched - it is a pressure that everyone is under at the club and it has been the same for a while."

Michael Carrick is still unavailable for selection as he has been since the Liverpool game, and John comments "It was obvious to see the block tackle he made at the end of the Liverpool game, and it made him very sore in the medial ligament of his knee; the force of the shot pushed his foot away from his knee and caused a strain on the inside of his knee.

"It was quite a ferocious block that he made and the end result of that is a two to three week spell for it to settle so it is unlikely that Michael will partake in the Leicester game at the weekend.

"At the moment there is no way that Michael could play with the way the knee is - any movement that deviates inwards is giving him quite a lot of discomfort and we need to make sure that discomfort is gone and that he feels completely stable on the knee.

"But at the same time we can't afford to have him out any longer than is absolutely necessary."