Chelsea FA Cup Match Preview

Last updated : 25 January 2002 By Mike Reich
Jermain: to start?
Last week, no-one could have predicted the catastrophic result for the Hammers, with a 5-1 loss doing our away goals tally no good whatsoever. So how do you go about previewing the week after?

Well, Chelsea have not had a brilliant week, after being thrashed by Tottenham 5 - 1 (where have I heard that score before?) in their mid-week Worthington Cup Semi-Final. This could not have done their morale any good, and they will doubtless be tired, both physically and mentally, after playing three high-profile matches within a week.

This should work in West Ham's favour. We have had an extra few days to get over our result, and Glenn has been working on the defence in training, in a bid to overcome some of the mental problems the players have at away fixtures.

On to team news, and West Ham will probably be without the services of Trevor Sinclair this weekend, due to the injury he received at Chelsea last Sunday. He is our only injury problem, but this is still another headache for Glenn.

Vladimir Labant and Steve Lomas are still not back to full fitness, and John Moncur is still suspended for two more games. It would seem that the most likely candidate to replace Trevor is Laurent Courtois, who was Sinclair's substitute at the Bridge at the weekend. The defence and rest of the midfield should remain the same.

As far as up front will line up is anyone's guess. Glenn may go for di Canio and Kanoute, who were less than inspiring in the last match, or he may opt for Jermain Defoe instead of the out-of-form Kanoute.

The result? Well, I am hoping that West Ham are going to bounce back from last week's miserable performance, but I am not brave enough to give a prediction any more concrete than that.

At Chelsea (36)At West Ham (36)Overall (72 matches)
Chelsea1747.22West Ham2158.33Chelsea2534.72
West Ham1130.56Chelsea822.22West Ham3244.44
Chelsea641.78West Ham722Chelsea1071.49
West Ham551.53Chelsea431.19West Ham1271.76
Highest Aggregate10Chelsea 5 - 5West Ham1966/1967
Highest Chelsea score:6Chelsea 6 - 2West Ham1965/1966
Highest West Ham score:5West Ham 5 - 3Chelsea1986/1987
2001/2002Sun 20 JanChelsea5 - 1West HamPremiership
Wed 24 OctWest Ham2 - 1ChelseaPremiership
2000/2001Wed 07 MarWest Ham0 - 2ChelseaPremiership
Sat 19 AugChelsea4 - 2West HamPremiership
1999/2000Sat 18 MarWest Ham0 - 0ChelseaPremiership
Sun 07 NovChelsea0 - 0West HamPremiership
1998/1999Sat 13 MarChelsea0 - 1West HamPremiership
Sun 08 NovWest Ham1 - 1ChelseaPremiership
1997/1998Sat 14 MarWest Ham2 - 1ChelseaPremiership
Sun 09 NovChelsea2 - 1West HamPremiership
1996/1997Wed 12 MarWest Ham3 - 2ChelseaPremiership
Sat 21 DecChelsea3 - 1West HamPremiership
1995/1996Sat 17 FebChelsea1 - 2West HamPremiership
Mon 11 SepWest Ham1 - 3ChelseaPremiership
1994/1995Sat 25 FebWest Ham1 - 2ChelseaPremiership
Sun 02 OctChelsea1 - 2West HamPremiership
1993/1994Sat 26 MarChelsea2 - 0West HamPremiership
Sat 02 OctWest Ham1 - 0ChelseaPremiership
1991/1992Sat 04 AprChelsea2 - 1West HamFirst Division
Sat 07 SepWest Ham1 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
1987/1988Mon 02 MayWest Ham4 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 12 DecChelsea1 - 1West HamFirst Division
1986/1987Sat 21 MarChelsea1 - 0West HamFirst Division
Sat 11 OctWest Ham5 - 3ChelseaFirst Division
1985/1986Tue 15 AprWest Ham1 - 2ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 29 MarChelsea0 - 4West HamFirst Division
1984/1985Sat 13 AprWest Ham1 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 15 SepChelsea3 - 0West HamFirst Division
1980/1981Sat 14 FebWest Ham4 - 0ChelseaSecond Division
Sat 06 SepChelsea0 - 1West HamSecond Division
1979/1980Wed 14 NovChelsea2 - 1West HamSecond Division
Mon 20 AugWest Ham0 - 1ChelseaSecond Division
1977/1978Sat 25 MarWest Ham3 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
Tue 27 DecChelsea2 - 1West HamFirst Division
1974/1975Sat 29 MarWest Ham0 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 21 DecChelsea1 - 1West HamFirst Division
1973/1974Sat 02 MarWest Ham3 - 0ChelseaFirst Division
Wed 26 DecChelsea2 - 4West HamFirst Division
1972/1973Sat 27 JanWest Ham3 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 09 SepChelsea1 - 3West HamFirst Division
1971/1972Sat 25 MarChelsea3 - 1West HamFirst Division
Sat 11 SepWest Ham2 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
1970/1971Sat 19 DecChelsea2 - 1West HamFirst Division
Sat 22 AugWest Ham2 - 2ChelseaFirst Division
1969/1970Wed 20 AugChelsea0 - 0West HamFirst Division
Mon 11 AugWest Ham2 - 0ChelseaFirst Division
1968/1969Sat 12 AprWest Ham0 - 0ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 21 SepChelsea1 - 1West HamFirst Division
1967/1968Sat 23 MarWest Ham0 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 28 OctChelsea1 - 3West HamFirst Division
1966/1967Sat 17 DecChelsea5 - 5West HamFirst Division
Sat 20 AugWest Ham1 - 2ChelseaFirst Division
1965/1966Sat 09 AprChelsea6 - 2West HamFirst Division
Sat 13 NovWest Ham2 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
1964/1965Mon 12 AprWest Ham3 - 2ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 28 NovChelsea0 - 3West HamFirst Division
1963/1964Sat 14 DecWest Ham2 - 2ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 24 AugChelsea0 - 0West HamFirst Division
1961/1962Sat 03 FebChelsea0 - 1West HamFirst Division
Sat 16 SepWest Ham2 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
1960/1961Sat 21 JanWest Ham3 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 10 SepChelsea3 - 2West HamFirst Division
1959/1960Sat 06 FebWest Ham4 - 2ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 19 SepChelsea2 - 4West HamFirst Division
1958/1959Sat 07 FebChelsea3 - 2West HamFirst Division
Sat 20 SepWest Ham4 - 2ChelseaFirst Division
1931/1932Sat 07 MayChelsea3 - 2West HamFirst Division
Mon 31 AugWest Ham3 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
1930/1931Sat 17 JanChelsea2 - 1West HamFirst Division
Sat 13 SepWest Ham4 - 1ChelseaFirst Division
1923/1924Sat 27 OctWest Ham2 - 0ChelseaFirst Division
Sat 20 OctChelsea0 - 0West HamFirst Division