FIFA Blatt in on Tevez Row

Last updated : 15 May 2007 By Plymouth_hammer

He said, "We will look at this - and not only if we are asked, we will do it anyway. We will ask for the file once it has been decided how and why the decision was made.

"If we feel something was wrong in this decision then we have to open our file."

Speaking at a meeting in Zurich Blatter also confirmed that FIFA have the power of jurisdiction over individual clubs.

"Yes we have the power.

"The Swiss federal court has made a ruling by saying that Fifa and its associations have the right and the power to use all 14 sanctions of the disciplinary code starting with a warning and ending with exclusion of a member via relegation and deduction of points."

West Ham fans need not worry too much though. According to Blatter, "the transfer of Tevez was done correctly according to the international transfer of players."

Hopefully FIFA's intervention will put an end to the nonsense ramblings of a number of Premiership Chairmen that clearly do not understand their own rules and regulations.