Fulham Match Preview Part 2

Last updated : 01 April 2002 By Mike Reich
Following their impressive win over a poor Ipswich side on Saturday, the Hammers must not get complacent in any way. West Ham's away form is still really poor, and even though we are playing Fulham, who have only got 4 points out of the last 18, West Ham still have a tough fixture.

Although there were no injuries on Saturday, and both the substitutions were tactical, and unforced, Glenn may decide to play Vladimir Labant instead of Nigel Winterburn.

At 38, it takes that much longer to recover after a match, and Glenn may decide to play younger legs instead, and five him a rest. Ian Pearce may well get a run out this afternoon when Glenn attempts to take the load of Repka and Dailly, who will still not have completely recovered following 90 minutes on Saturday.

The midfield is expected to line up the same as it did at the weekend, as is up front. Roeder recently defended his use of Jermain Defoe as a super sub, and will probably use him as such again today.

West Ham lost their second home of the season to Fulham, following a great run of form in which we beat Ipswich Town away, and the Saints and Chelsea at home. With Fulham one of the easier of the four, we lost 2-0 in a very poor performance from then Irons.

Looking back though, it was 1966 when Fulham last took three points off West Ham at Craven Cottage. But the teams haven't played each other for over twenty years, so a look at the results between the two sides is not really that useful.

A win today could see the Hammers jumping up to 7th place - the highest they will have been under Glenn Roeder. A loss, and a drop down to 12th isn't out of the question. Although the Hammers have a game in hand, the opposition for that fixture is Arsenal at Highbury, so points against lesser teams are a must.
At Fulham (31)At West Ham (32)Overall (63 matches)
Fulham1651.61West Ham1856.25Fulham2438.1
West Ham825.81Fulham825West Ham2641.27
Fulham601.94West Ham631.97Fulham981.56
West Ham391.26Fulham381.19West Ham1021.62
Highest Aggregate9West Ham 7 - 2Fulham1967/1968
Highest Fulham score:5Fulham 5 - 0West Ham1936/1937
Highest West Ham score:7West Ham 7 - 2Fulham1967/1968
2001/2002Sat 03 NovWest Ham0 - 2FulhamPremiership
1979/1980Sat 22 MarWest Ham2 - 3FulhamSecond Division
Sat 10 NovFulham1 - 2West HamSecond Division
1978/1979Tue 21 NovFulham0 - 0West HamSecond Division
Sat 02 SepWest Ham0 - 1FulhamSecond Division
1967/1968Sat 03 FebWest Ham7 - 2FulhamFirst Division
Sat 23 SepFulham0 - 3West HamFirst Division
1966/1967Sat 05 NovWest Ham6 - 1FulhamFirst Division
Sat 15 OctFulham4 - 2West HamFirst Division
1965/1966Sat 26 MarWest Ham1 - 3FulhamFirst Division
Sat 02 OctFulham3 - 0West HamFirst Division
1964/1965Sat 12 DecWest Ham2 - 0FulhamFirst Division
Sat 22 AugFulham1 - 2West HamFirst Division
1963/1964Sat 11 AprFulham2 - 0West HamFirst Division
Sat 30 NovWest Ham1 - 1FulhamFirst Division
1962/1963Sat 06 AprFulham2 - 0West HamFirst Division
Sat 17 NovWest Ham2 - 2FulhamFirst Division
1961/1962Mon 30 AprWest Ham4 - 2FulhamFirst Division
Sat 21 OctFulham2 - 0West HamFirst Division
1960/1961Sat 18 MarWest Ham1 - 2FulhamFirst Division
Sat 29 OctFulham1 - 1West HamFirst Division
1959/1960Sat 16 AprWest Ham1 - 2FulhamFirst Division
Sat 31 OctFulham1 - 0West HamFirst Division
1957/1958Sat 01 FebFulham2 - 2West HamSecond Division
Sat 21 SepWest Ham3 - 2FulhamSecond Division
1956/1957Sat 15 DecWest Ham2 - 1FulhamSecond Division
Sat 18 AugFulham1 - 4West HamSecond Division
1955/1956Sat 21 JanFulham3 - 1West HamSecond Division
Sat 17 SepWest Ham2 - 1FulhamSecond Division
1954/1955Mon 11 AprFulham0 - 0West HamSecond Division
Fri 08 AprWest Ham2 - 1FulhamSecond Division
1953/1954Sat 16 JanFulham3 - 4West HamSecond Division
Sat 05 SepWest Ham3 - 1FulhamSecond Division
1952/1953Mon 06 AprFulham2 - 3West HamSecond Division
Fri 03 AprWest Ham1 - 2FulhamSecond Division
1948/1949Sat 07 MayFulham2 - 0West HamSecond Division
Sat 11 DecWest Ham1 - 0FulhamSecond Division
1947/1948Sat 01 MayFulham1 - 1West HamSecond Division
Sat 13 DecWest Ham3 - 0FulhamSecond Division
1946/1947Mon 09 SepFulham3 - 2West HamSecond Division
Mon 02 SepWest Ham3 - 2FulhamSecond Division
1938/1939Sat 24 DecWest Ham1 - 0FulhamSecond Division
Sat 27 AugFulham3 - 2West HamSecond Division
1937/1938Sat 19 FebFulham1 - 1West HamSecond Division
Sat 09 OctWest Ham0 - 0FulhamSecond Division
1936/1937Sat 13 MarWest Ham3 - 3FulhamSecond Division
Sat 07 NovFulham5 - 0West HamSecond Division
1935/1936Sat 04 AprWest Ham0 - 0FulhamSecond Division
Sat 30 NovFulham4 - 2West HamSecond Division
1934/1935Sat 26 JanFulham3 - 0West HamSecond Division
Sat 15 SepWest Ham2 - 1FulhamSecond Division
1933/1934Sat 31 MarWest Ham5 - 1FulhamSecond Division
Sat 18 NovFulham3 - 1West HamSecond Division
1932/1933Tue 27 DecWest Ham1 - 1FulhamSecond Division
Mon 26 DecFulham4 - 2West HamSecond Division
1922/1923Sat 21 AprWest Ham1 - 0FulhamSecond Division
Sat 14 AprFulham0 - 2West HamSecond Division
1921/1922Sat 22 AprFulham2 - 0West HamSecond Division
Sat 15 AprWest Ham1 - 0FulhamSecond Division
1920/1921Sat 18 SepWest Ham2 - 0FulhamSecond Division
Sat 11 SepFulham0 - 0West HamSecond Division
1919/1920Sat 29 NovWest Ham0 - 1FulhamSecond Division
Sat 22 NovFulham1 - 2West HamSecond Division