Glenn Right To Hold Defoe Back

Last updated : 01 April 2002 By Mike Reich
Defoe: More starts to come
It is not easy bleed in young players to any side, let alone a Premiership side. And West Ham are famed in their ability to handle youths, such as Rio, Frank, Joe and Michael. Glenn is aiming to continue that fine tradition with Jermain Defoe - continuing what Harry Redknapp started.

"I don't think anyone can disagree that this is the right way to handle Jermain,'' he told the club's site. "To bring him on later on, when the game becomes more stretched and the opposition are tiring, is the right way - we've proved that time and time again this season."

However, some fans wish for more, and want to see more of our excellent youngster, and were calling for him way before Glenn let him loose at the Boleyn yesterday. They may yet get their wish this season:

"He may well start a couple of the last seven matches of this season and next season he'll be ready to compete on a level playing field with all the other strikers at the club."