It's All Over For Schemmel

Last updated : 25 April 2002 By Mike Reich

Schemmel: i'll be back
Luckily for the Hammers, our Player of the Year has suffered his first injury with only two games left, as opposed to two games gone. Sebastien shares that same view:

"It is not a problem," he told the official site. "There are two more games before the end of the season, and I know my team mates will do what they have to do."

Seb suffered his broken ankle in very mysterious circumstances last night in right in front of the Arsenal fans. Seb explained:

"I don't know how it happened, maybe I was tired - I don't know, it is very strange because nobody touched me, the pitch was so good and everything was there for a good game.

"My leg went to the left and everything is broken, but I repeat it is nothing - just one player injured for some weeks. Nobody understands why it is broken when there was no tackle - I worked very hard with Glenn this season, maybe it was too much for me!"

He will come back to Upton Park for the last game of the season, and will probably be collecting yet another award for his superlative efforts this season. But he is not worried about the team coping without him - not least because they have the right mentality.

"Maybe I will be back for the last game. I want to see my fans, my squad, and then come back more strong and more fit next season for an even better one. The team has a strong mentality to win or draw at Newcastle and then definitely win the last game - because we want to finish seventh."