'Livid' Declan Rice Claims No Premier League Player Wants VAR After Being Denied Late Equaliser

​West Ham midfielder Declan Rice didn't hold back in his assessment of the Video Assistant Referee following the club's 1-0 defeat to Sheffield United on Friday.

David Moyes' side saw a last-minute equaliser ruled out after VAR ruled that Rice had handled the ball in the build-up to the goal - a correct ruling based on the current rules, while not deliberate.

It's a decision that could see West Ham drop into the relegation zone once the rest of the Premier League teams have played their matches this weekend, and Rice didn't hold back in his assessment of the incident.

Declan Rice,John Egan

"Livid. It’s a really tough place to come and play. I thought we did well. A point on the road here would have been good for us," Rice told Sky Sports.

"I’ve just watched it back before coming on camera. [The defender] has knocked the ball into my hand.

"I know I’m in a forward running motion, but he’s headed the ball into my hand and of course if you’re running with your arms out then it’s handball in the rules but I’ve not intentionally meant to handball it.

Sheffield United v West Ham United - Premier League

"Of course you play on, Michael [Oliver, the referee] hasn’t seen it. The VAR checks it and it’s a real kick in the teeth.

"I don’t think it’s just me. It’s the thought of pretty much every Premier League player. I don’t think anybody wants to have VAR in the game.

"There’s been so many decisions this season that have been crazy. Obviously, sometimes it works but you see there, they’re celebrating VAR like it’s a goal. Football shouldn’t be like that. The emotions there that the West Ham fans showed when we equalised, that’s real emotion.

Declan Rice,Billy Sharp

"I don’t think we’re all too happy with it to be honest, but it’s in the game now and we’ve just got to get on with it.

"I just can’t get over it, the way he’s knocked it into my hand. I’ve not intentionally meant to handball it. I can’t get over it, it’s crazy."

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Source : 90min