Man United's Disgusting Double-Standards

Last updated : 26 July 2007 By Plymouth_hammer

Man United have been courting Carlos Tevez ever since inviting him out on a pre-season celebration night at the end of last season yet it's their comments in recent weeks that cause a serious stench around Old Trafford. They have blatantly tapped the player up, agreed personal terms and even dared to offer the Argentine striker a medical. They have done this in the full glare of the media and without even speaking to West Ham - the club that holds the player's registration.

Whilst this horrible saga has been flowing along at rapid speed we've been forced to listen Messer's Rooney, Hargreaves, Quieroz and Ferguson all publicly approving the transfer without even stopping to think that they are talking about someone who is registered to another Premiership club.

"On that final day, Carlos showed against us, as he had done against plenty of others before, that he can be a real threat when he is pushed a bit further forward." Said Fergie.

"He can beat a man, which is a major asset. That is the real advantage of having someone like him on board.

"Of course, Wayne can also drop in and give defenders a problem, so between the two of them I think they can become a real handful."

How on earth is he allowed to get away with talking about another club's player like this?

Today however, Ferguson is quoted with an all-time classic Pot & Kettle moment whilst speaking about his own Argentine Gabriel Heinze.

"He's our player, that's the important thing. He's not Liverpool's player, despite them going on as if he's their player. Liverpool are opportunist, like the rest of them. But he's got two years left on his contract."

So then Sir Alex…

Who's player is Carlos Tevez? How many years does Carlos Tevez have on his contract? Liverpool are opportunist…….. What on earth are Man United then?