Roeder: It's Unrepeatable

Last updated : 22 January 2002 By Mike Reich

It is now the third time this season that Glenn Roeder has had to face the cameras following an away thrashing for the Hammers, and the second of those where he has had to comment on a red-card incident:
The sending off didn't help. My view of the incident was that it was a nasty challenge – Jody came in late and fast from behind. I didn't think it was a necessary tackle in the area of the field that it happened.

For Paolo's part, until I see the video I wouldn't like to make judgement. The referee was very quick to dish out the red card. I just remember the tackle not being necessary. He (Di Canio) thought it was a dangerous tackle and from where I was standing it looked that way.

The Hammers dressing room was locked for over 50 minutes after the match, with Roeder telling the team what he thought of their performance.

It's not really repeatable,” he said. “I'm a big believer in certain things should remain private, but obviously strong words were said because they were needed.

I thought we contributed to our own downfall. In the second-half we were much too sloppy with our passing and we got caught in areas that we shouldn't have done, that then led to goals.

Chelsea finished them off well but most of those goals were of our own making.

Roeder and the team looked at the video evidence on Monday in training, and told the official site that the meeting was a positive one: "There was a lot of positive talk that came out of the video meeting this morning but talk is cheap; what we want is the actions to go with the talk - and that's what we'll be looking for on Saturday."

Regarding any changes for Saturday, with Trevor Sinclair's injuries in mind, he commented "Unfortunately we are not in a position to make too many changes with how tiny the squad is, and that does not make it the healthiest of situations.

"But it us up to us to pick ourselves up, shake ourselves down, get on with life and go and put on a performance at Stamford Bridge on Saturday that cheers us all up, and all those fans that made the trip across London on Saturday - because it was obviously a bad afternoon for the whole club."