Ticket Prices The Same

Last updated : 04 April 2002 By Mike Reich
First of all, the bad news: Ticket prices next season will still be as expensive as the currently are. That however, is where the bad news ends. So now for the good news:

Season tickets
These will stay at the same price, but there will be additional benefits. Season ticket holders will be given discounts for home cup ties, according to Steve Kitcher, the Hammers ticket office manager.

Club Members
Membership packages will be improved too, with Junior Hammers paying only £5 for any seat at a Category B game. Other Hammers club members will be given other discounts when booking a minimal amount of fixtures.

The Kids For A Quid scheme will be offrered for several matches, and details for these matches will be announced nearer the time of the matches, as per this season.

It would seem that those in charge of ticket prices have got their heads screwed on. With a bigger stadium to fill up every week, there is no way they could have justified increasing prices. But by introducing extra incentives, especially aimed at younger fans, they are hoping to turn more youngsters to claret 'n' blue. Good plan...

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