West Ham owner lashes out at independent regulator plans

West Ham owner David Sullivan has blasted the UK Government's decision to introduce an independent regulator, insisting the process will simply be a "waste of money".

Plans have been confirmed to give a regulator more control over the dealings of English clubs from the Premier League all the way to the National League, including tighter financial rules and the power to block teams from forming unpopular breakaway competitions like the European Super League.

There have been loud calls for an independent regular for a number of years, but a statement from Sullivan outlined his complete opposition to the proposal.

"It's a terrible idea," he said in a statement. "The government are terrible at running everything. Look at the mess the country's in. We pay the highest taxes for the worst service from the worst government I’ve seen in my life.

"The regulator will have a huge staff that football will have to pay for. It will be a total waste of money. I bet it grows in size and cost every year. In every area this government is involved in, it has provided a worse service.

"The Premier League is the best run, most successful league in the world. It gives away more money to lower leagues, grassroots & the PFA than any other league anywhere. It’s a fantastic export. Why does an incompetent government think it will improve things?

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"The government are doing this for PR. They think it will be a PR win to be seen to back the ordinary football supporter and smaller clubs, but it won’t get them a single extra vote. I believe in free enterprise, not government interference."

Among the key parts of the government's plans is giving more power to fans when it comes to decisions about the badge, stadia and names.

Sports minister Stuart Andrew said: "My first major meeting as Sports Minister was with football fans. I heard how some clubs had suffered at the hands of owners who used and abused their stewardship.

"Without fans, football clubs are nothing. That is why today we are putting fans back at the centre of football governance, and creating a stronger foundation for the continued growth and success of English football.

"This new independent regulator will create an even stronger Premier League, English Football League and National League, so our pyramid of elite football remains the envy of leagues the world over."

Source : 90min