Whingers told to leave it

Last updated : 09 May 2007 By Plymouth_hammer

All four clubs have been have moaning and whinging to anyone that will listen about the eligibility of West Ham's hero Carlos Tevez and the Premier League's decision not to dock the Hammers points following the independent disciplinary hearing into the ownership of Tevez and Mascherano.

A letter has been sent to all Premier League clubs in which the PL state, "Any challenge would fly in the face of the disciplinary structure that the clubs themselves created and we consider would, as a matter of law, be bound to fail" according to The Times.

Sports Minister Richard Caborn has this afternoon expressed his desire for the affair to be sorted out gracefully.

"Running to the courts, and the rules of sport being made up by judges, I do not believe is a good thing for sport.

"My advice to the clubs is to resolve this internally inside the Premier League. There are 20 clubs operating as a co-operative and they should be able to resolve their differences.

"Whoever is relegated should be a decision that is be made on the park and not in the courts. Football is able to govern itself - with power comes responsibility. I'm sure this can be resolved inside the family of football. I would say to all sports, try and sort it out inside the family of sport, that's by far the best way."