Yossi: We were useless

Last updated : 03 January 2007 By Plymouth_hammer

The small Isreali admitted that the teams performance affected him and he fired out a warning to his fellow under-performing stars that the club faces a battle to avoid relegation.

“I am ashamed. I am shocked at the way we played. We played like a bunch of drunks. Benayoun told the Sun.

“If we keep on playing like this, we will definitely be relegated.

“The situation is very bad. I felt like crying.

“If we lose against Fulham, we will be digging a grave for ourselves. It's become the most important game of the season.

“Hopefully, everyone will wake up now and give more than 100 per cent of their ability.

“We must take courage out of the mud on the football field.

“Curbishley said to the players that no-one will go - but who knows after this game?

“At the moment, I am not going. The fans like me, I have had no offers.”