Curbishley calls for end to Lazy Journalism

Last updated : 29 July 2007 By Barney French
Niall Quinn recently aimed a swipe at Premiership teams spending too much in the transfer market and hoiking up the going rate for players. Oh the irony Mr Quinn, when your own club, Sunderland, has spent £20mil this summer.

And that is only a humble £2mil less than Alan Curbishley and Eggert Magnusson have used to attract new additions to the Hammers squad.

Curbishley, fed up with being labelled as a potential 'New Leeds' has struck back a day after Harry Redknapp also had some choice words for Mr Quinn. AC spoke to the Sunday Express.

"I don't quite understand the criticism that gets levelled at us from the likes of Niall Quinn and people.

"It's always 'money-bags West Ham' but if you care to analyse it, (Craig) Bellamy at £7.5million isn't a bad deal. (Scott) Parker at £7m isn't bad. I don't think we've done too badly.

"We've spent £22m but we've taken £21m in and everyone seems to forget that."