No rush for Faubert

Despite scoring in just 39 seconds last night Julien Faubert revealed he is in no rush to make a name for himself in the claret and blue.

"I don't want to rush now. I waited for five months, I can wait a few more weeks.

Faubert told of how welcome he has been made to feel at West Ham and his initial reaction to the injury:

"Above all I felt embarrassed for the club.

"They had invested a lot of money in me and I got injured. Fortunately it is a family club, where a lot of people rallied around me.

"When they removed my plaster, seeing my 'chicken' calf, I asked myself if I could find again my best level. During those moments you discover your real friends."

Faubert also outlined his determination to prove French coach Raymond Domenech wrong, after he criticised his move to the Hammers, a move Faubert himself describes as a footballing one.

"I am neither surprised nor disappointed [about Domenech's outburst].

"He never called me back since my last call for the French team. I will reply on the pitch. England matches have much more of my qualities than Italy. It is speed and physical involvement.

"My dream was to play in England. West Ham is a historical club. Some people said I left for money, but at Roma I would earn the same wages."