Pards: we are United

The Argentinian internationals were unveiled in a press conference at 9am this morning and AP told

"I don't think you question players of this ability. And when it became a serious bid that they could make happen, as a coach and manager, I could not turn down such an opportunity, to be able to bring two world class players to the club."

"If someone asks if it is a strategic move, I would say no, I am very pleased they are here. A lot has been written about all this over the last few days and some of it has been negative. People don't like change, but the Premier League and the scenario of transfers is changing rapidly, not just here at West Ham but at other clubs as well and you have to accept this. As a coach and manager I now have the opportunity to work with world class players and that is all it is for me.

"I want them at this football club and I know our players will welcome them with open arms. It's something that we have always done here, with new signings, welcome them into our community here. Everyone knows we have a very settled team with a great spirit and I think these boys will enjoy being part of that."

"The way I see it as manager, is the position we found ourselves in, with regards to being able to sign these players, is because of the succes we have had. No other reason. We wouldn't be sitting here with these guys if we hadn't had the success we have had previously. We have improved rapidly in the last few seasons for instance and find ourselves in UEFA CUP this season and want to go on from there.

"People forget that they have signed four-year-deals, they are not going anywhere in the next transfer window, let's enjoy their quality and see where it takes us. We want to go to another level and challenge the big clubs and I think we're going down the right route to doing that."

"I'm about to see the boys train with the rest of the team, I haven't been able to do that yet. How they are going to compare and fit into the dynamics of the team until I have worked with them at close hand. This will be exciting and that's what I want to do right now, focus on the team and what is right for us."

"What I want to say to West Ham fans is this, forget the negativity that's surrounded this transfer, look at the positives. We are looking towards getting a great season under our belts with a great team and so let's stick together to support that goal."